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Shopify SEO Freelancer with 12+ Years of Experience

There are over 4 million live Shopify stores on the web. In 2021, Shopify stores accounted for over 10% of all US ecommerce sales.

Start writing your success story by hiring a seasoned Shopify SEO freelancer and capturing more organic conversions from your store!

Shopify SEO Consultant With Tried & True Strategies  

With 24% of ecommerce orders being directly linked to organic traffic, having your Shopify site showing up on page one is essential to ensure you are getting the most amount of revenue possible.

To accomplish this, your Shopify SEO strategy needs to have a heavy focus on product and collections page optimization, in addition to a mid to upper funnel strategy that targets your audience in the research phase of their shopping journey.

Furthermore, your Shopify SEO strategy must never be at rest. You’ll want to be constantly evaluating your search presence to ensure your page one positions are getting the best possible click through rate they can. You’ll need to develop a content strategy that not only helps sell more products, but positions your brand as an authority in your space.

Here are some other attributes you can expect when working with me as your Shopify SEO Freelancer:

Ready to Discuss Your Shopify SEO Freelancing Needs?

I'm happy to jump on a free intro call to learn more about your Shopify site and your SEO needs. I'll also walk you through my experience, pricing structure and provide you with work samples if needed.

Still not convinced? Checkout what some of my clients have to say about working with me. (Source: Google Business)

"As a small agency owner, hiring talent is one of the things I do on a regular basis. Aside from domain mastery, I look for honesty, straightforwardness, communication skills, dependability, and accessibility. I could tell within the first 5 minutes of meeting Tim Pelletier that he is well supplied with all of these things. Most importantly, he gets results for our clients and they trust his advice. I'm grateful to have found him. (In fact, please don't hire him so we can keep him all to ourselves.)"

- Todd from Pinwheel

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