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According to a recent BrightLocal survey, 99% of consumers have used the internet to find information about a local business in the last year. If you run a local business such as a restaurant, law practice, dentist or are a local contractor, having a strong digital presence is a must to keep a steady stream of business coming in.

Some Local SEO Statistics that might interest you:

46% of all searches include location

97% of searchers , use search engines to find local businesses.

86% of searchers look for a location of a business on Google Maps

A well-crafted local SEO strategy is your best option when it comes to having a wholistic approach. Not only will you rank for the terms that matter most to your local business, you'll also have a strong directory presence and online review score as well. Read on to see how a local SEO consultant can help elevate your service area business or brick-and-mortar presence. 

Local SEO Consultant performing keyword research

Finding the Right Local Keywords

A thorough keyword strategy is a must for local SEO. You'll want to target searchers in all phases of the lead funnel, with the most important being longtail, geo-modified. A well-blended keyword strategy should be the foundation to creating a wholistic content strategy. This as a result, yields stronger rankings and brand authority.

Creating a Thorough Content Strategy

A good local SEO strategy starts with ensuring your website content targets the terms you are looking to rank for. An experienced Local SEO Consultant will create a targeted sitemap and work with you to ensure new landing pages are built ASAP. This can range from locational/service area pages, service type pages and blog posts. 

Local SEO Consultant writing content on her laptop
Local SEO Consultant addressing technical issues with a website

Technical SEO Evaluation

Many Local SEO websites have robust sitemaps and with that comes the potential for a whole host of technical SEO issues. I assess the effort-to-reward ratio for each technical issue and prioritize based on the impact each optimization will offer. Some of the more common issues I see include broken links, page speed, image errors, unoptimized meta data, and broken links.

Reviews Play a Big Part in a Local SEO Strategy

A good Local SEO Consultant should work closely with you on reputation management. Reason being, Google puts a ton of wait on consumer reviews when it comes to ranking websites for local keyword terms. Your audience also uses reviews as a way to decide whether or not they want to do business with you. BrightLocal found that 98% of searchers read online reviews when looking for a service area business! 

A Local SEO Consultant going over business reviews with his client

Ready to Chat About Local SEO Consulting Services?

Take advantage of a free, no strings attached intro call with a local SEO consultant! I'd love to learn more about your brand and see if a partnership would be a great fit. My Local SEO service is completely customizable to your growth goals and budget, and you can opt out of our service agreement with just 30-days notice!