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About Me

How I Got My Start in SEO

It all started with a passion for skiing and an overwhelming anxiety to join the professional world. After college, I opted to continue working as a bootfitter in a ski shop and from there, pursue a career in sales within the ski industry. Fate however,  had different plans for me.


During my downtime between bootfits, I would assist the ecommerce manager by adding products to the website and fulfilling orders. This is when I developed a passion for writing product copy and monitoring how those pages ranked. I never considered myself a digital person at that time, but I quickly fell in love with the complexity behind user metrics, keyword intent and the impact of onsite optimizations.

Flash forward a a few years, a first house, marriage and a baby; I decided it was time to embrace corporate America. I got my first fulltime SEO job at an agency specializing in websites and digital marketing for car dealerships. I was thrown into the fire and learned a TON about SEO due to the fast pace environment I was in.

From there, I moved on to two other agencies, one specialized in local SEO consulting for contractors, the other ecommerce SEO and lead gen SEO. Both taught me a great deal about organic search and built my familiarity with a variety of website platforms and CMS. 

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What My Experience Has Taught Me

Agencies are looking for rapid growth and as a result (whether purposefully or not), bandwidth to properly support existing clients becomes scarce.  In 2015 I set my sites on becoming a freelance SEO consultant with a mission to provide an honest, fully transparent service. Something I believed at the time was hard to come by within the SEO industry. 

The freelance SEO service I offer is built on hours as opposed to ambiguous deliverables. Many agencies and consultants like to use the latter approach because it is easy to hide the ACTUAL amount of time they spend on an account each month. In one of my past jobs, SEO was treated as the profit driver for the business so the goal was to manage expectations in the least amount of hours possible. This felt very wrong to me and something I believed could be my competitive edge for going out on my own.

With a goal to change the way people perceive SEO’s, I put my rates and time spent on each account within the proposal so you know EXACTLY what you are getting. Honesty, transparency and collaboration are my primary core values for the service I offer.

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What I Bring to the Table

I have over 15 years’ experience in digital, with a background rich in all things SEO. At this point I have worked on nearly a thousand accounts and have used those learnings to generate best-in-class SEO strategies.

I’ve been told that I make SEO easy to understand and I have a strong sense for how SEO interacts with other channels. I find collaboration to be the foundation of a successful SEO strategy. In fact, my most successful campaigns were the ones where communication was frequent and we worked together to complete initiatives.


I also know what it takes to grow a business. From helping scale an SEO agency from $350k to a multimillion-dollar operation, to turning a Freelance SEO gig into a fulltime career. I have a good grasp for what it takes to successfully navigate growing pains and get a business operating in a comfortable spot. If your business is new to market and you’re looking to acquire market share from your competition, now is a perfect time to reach out!

For a more detailed view into my professional background head on over to my LinkedIn profile. I've also completed a thorough strengths assessment through Red Bull Wingfinder should you be interested in learning more about how I work:



Rather talk over a virtual meeting? Feel free to reach out and schedule an intro call. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Testimonials from My Clients

Don't just take my word for it.  See what some of my clients have to say!

Jake Weld photo.png

Tim is a clear and responsive communicator, able to help us go from intention to to results with clear and actionable guidance

Jake Weld

Jenney Wilder.jpg

Tim has been a great partner, helping us capitalize on opportunity while also keeping us ahead of the curve in a quickly-moving digital landscape.

Jenney Wilder


We've been working with Tim for about a year and highly recommend his work, he's very knowledgeable, incredibly reliable and brilliant with clients.

Nicola Gomme

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