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New Hampshire SEO Services

SEO strategy and consulting that will take your New Hampshire based business to the next level.

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Ecommerce SEO is more than just building visibility for the products you sell, it's also building credibility as a brand. Together we'll form a strategy to help improve keyword visibility for PLPs and PDPs, while also creating a compelling content strategy that proves to site visitors you are an authority in your space.

Increase your portfolio of customers with a targeted lead generation SEO campaign for NH businesses. I've helped many businesses across a variety of verticals substantially increase their lead volume and sell more products or services.

Get more leads or drive more foot traffic to your New Hampshire-based, brick-and-mortar business. Local SEO helps your site rank for NH search terms, show up on directory sites, and manage your online reputation through review management.


What My NH SEO Services Include

Listed below are a few of the SEO services I offer to New Hampshire-based businesses. I do everything from consulting, and building out wholistic SEO strategies, to evaluating backlink profiles and technical SEO. If you are looking for a dependable SEO company based in NH, lets connect and see if we are a great fit for one another!

SEO Content Consultant

Content is arguably the most important piece to a successful SEO strategy. As savvy as search engines are these days, they still depend heavily on text to provide keyword clues for what a page is about. What's more, a good content strategy allows you to interlink your most important pages which gives search engines a better understanding of your sitemap hierarchy. Whether it is putting together a targeted blog strategy or writing content for landing pages, my experience as a freelance SEO expert will surly pay dividends for your website.

SEO Competitor Analysis

A successful SEO strategy pays close attention to what the competition is doing. Is there something about their SEO strategy they are doing right that can be replicated? Where are the holes? Where are there new keyword opportunities? These are questions I regularly ask myself when reviewing the performance of a competitor. As part of your freelance SEO service, I'll also track the keyword performance of up to 5 competitors of your choice. This way you can see how your site ranks against the sites you are competing with for market share.

SEO Audit Service

Running an audit as part of any SEO service is a necessity to ensure you know where to begin. As part of your SEO retainer, I run an initial evaluation of your website to uncover strengths and weaknesses, while also looking for signs of penalty or devaluation in the past. From there, I map out the beginning stages of your SEO campaign where I blend critical tasks with low hanging fruit opportunities. 

If you are interested in doing a one time SEO audit, I can do those on request. Reach out for more information.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a broad category that covers a variety of elements including (but not limited to) rich snippet markup, meta data, broken links, canonical tags, index directives, page speed, URL structure and more. Technical SEO is something I regularly offer as part of my NH SEO service and focus first and foremost on the optimizations that will have a significant impact on organic visibility. A lot of SEO's get hung up on the small details that often don't add up to an increase in rankings. While it is nice to have those optimizations complete, they can wait until the higher impact optimizations are checked off.

SEO Link Building

I'm not talking about building spammy links! I take a very conservative approach to link building with my freelance SEO services. I am a true believer in the fact that great content will generate natural links over time. However, there are important measures to take with link building depending on the nature of your business. Here's a list of some strategies I utilize in my campaigns:

  • Local listing aggregation for service area businesses and storefronts. We'll also explore local NH opportunities that are relevant to your business. 

  •  Monitoring the web for unlinked, branded mentions. This is when someone is talking about your business but not linking to your website. This is generally a much more successful outreach strategy!

  • Evaluating competitors link profiles for new opportunities

  • Evaluating your existing profile to ensure it is in good health. 

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Take a look at my plans and pricing page or feel free to get in touch with me for an intro call. Please let me know if you would like to meet in person. I'm happy to meet wherever you are, including:

  • Nashua, NH

  • Concord, NH

  • Manchester, NH

  • Portsmouth, NH

  • North Conway, NH

  • Bonus points if we meet at a ski resort! 

I look forward to speaking with a fellow Granite Stater and learning more about your NH based businesses SEO needs.

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