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44% of of US consumers start their online shopping journey with a search engine. 24% of ecommerce orders are directly linked to organic traffic. Showing up on page one is essential to ensure you are getting the most amount of revenue possible from search engines.  


Ecommerce SEO is not only about getting your site to rank for product and product category keywords. It's evaluating your search presence to ensure your page one positions are getting the best possible click through rate. It's developing a content strategy that not only helps sell more products, but positions your brand as an authority in your space.

Below is an overview of how I approach ecommerce SEO, and what you can expect when you hire me as a freelance consultant.

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Finding the Right Keywords

A thorough keyword strategy is a must for ecommerce SEO. It extends far beyond tracking product and product category keywords, its looking for mid-funnel, high conversion intent queries and educational opportunities. A well-blended keyword strategy should be the foundation to creating a wholistic content strategy. This as a result, yields stronger rankings and brand authority.

Creating a Thorough Ecommerce SEO Strategy

A well developed strategy is the most important thing an ecommerce SEO consultant can deliver his client. It should target all relevant searches within the conversion funnel, and also focus on getting the most out of what's currently ranking. Its great to be in the top three spots but if your search listing is not bringing in clicks, what good is it actually doing for your site? My freelance ecommerce SEO services pay close attention to not only rankings, but CTR (click through rate) and conversion rate as well.

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Addressing Technical SEO Issues

Many ecommerce sites have thousands of URLs and with that comes a whole host of technical SEO issues. As an ecommerce SEO consultant, I assess the effort-to-reward ratio for each technical issue and prioritize it based on the impact it will offer. Some of the more common issues I see include broken links, rich snippet markup issues, page speed, image sizing, unoptimized meta data, and more.

Building an Online Reputation

A great ecommerce brand will usually have a solid reputation when it comes to quality, dependability, and consumer engagement. In todays retail landscape, people have to know they are buying from the best to prevent them from going back to the search result page. A good ecommerce SEO strategy will ensure your product reviews are plentiful and your content strategy proves you are an expert in your space.

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